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What is the approval process?
  • B+E Training Centres - We accredit training centres that have completed a Centre Application form and Checklist.
  • B+E Instructors - We accredit instructors who have completed an Instructor Application form.
What instructor qualifications are required?

We recognise ADI and other voluntary registered qualifications and consider other suitable prior qualifications, knowledge, and experience.

What is the recommended course duration?

To ensure the effectiveness of accredited training, we recommend a minimum duration of a 1-day course.

What is the recommended candidate ratio?

We recommend a 1:1 basis to provide each candidate with a thorough understanding and enable continuous training and assessment during the course.

Can training be conducted in the candidate / employer's vehicle?

Yes. This is acceptable, provided the vehicle conforms to the requirements inside the DVSA B+E training syllabus.

What training resources are provided by Skills for Logistics?

The package includes

  • Course Session Plan
  • Reasonable Adjustment Policy and Form
  • Training & Assessment Report
  • Driving Assessment Risk Grading
  • Candidate Competencies – Continuous Assessment Report
  • Instructor Observation Report
  • Candidate Feedback
How are candidates' certificates provided?

Once you have obtained Centre and Instructor approval, you can issue ‘test pass’ certificates to successful candidates with Skills for Logistics and DVSA Recognised logos. As an additional option, we are evaluating an online E-certificate process.

Insurance company recognition

The DVSA B+E scheme is recognised by the insurance sector and should provide appropriate premium discounts.

What are the accreditation and certificate fees?

Our fee structure will be based on

  • Centre approval fee
  • Instructor approval fee
  • The annual remote audit fee
  • Candidate certification fee

To enable us to provide you with a price, please provide the following information:

  • Your centre location and whether you will have additional operating centres
  • Number of instructors
  • Qualifications of instructors, such as ADI, NRI or NVDIR
  • Forecast number of candidates in the next 12 months
Why work with Skills For Logistics?

We are an impartial and independent not-for-profit accrediting body involved in the logistics sector. We are agile, responsive, and customer-focused, providing added value by promoting the B+E accreditation scheme to the corporate sector and private individuals to improve road safety.

To speak to our B+E accreditation team for any further questions, please fill out our contact form or call us at 023 8068 4502.