The Oman Progressional Stairway is a sector-specific career development planning tool, that provides information on the various job roles and career opportunities in the Logistics profession. The Stairway is a sector-specific career and competency framework that demonstrates the progression from an unskilled new entrant, through junior and middle management roles to senior management. The Stairway provides a career development framework that enables employers and employees to plan and map career progression. As the roles contained within The Stairway have been developed from the skills that are required to undertake a role, Individuals and employers can see what is required and expected in a particular role within the sector.

Access to the Stairway will quickly provide employers and individuals with access to current sector information such as:

  • What the work is like
  • The skills and personal qualities required for each role
  • The desirable knowledge, skills and qualifications needed
  • The various entry and progression routes to and from roles

Information is available to help you to plan your career in the Logistics sector whether you are a new entrant to the sector or are looking for further opportunities within logistics.

If you already work in logistics, find the job you currently do and click on the job title and see the competencies you should be expected to display in your role. What you need to know and need to be able to do. As you move across each level you will see other jobs at the same level.

If you are thinking about a career in logistics, then click on one of the job roles and check out the career pathways and options that are available.

If you are managing an operation, you may want to see the competencies that should be present in each job role – maybe to recruit somebody or to draw up a Job Description. The Stairway is not only a career framework but is also a competency framework with over 470 competencies covering the main roles. Each of the competencies is based on the relevant National Occupational Standards.


This is a list of entry roles that are available to explore in the stairway.
  • Trainee Driver
  • Trainee Warehouse Operative
  • Trainee Admin Assistant
  • Loader


  • Admin Assistant
  • Logistics Assistant
  • Sales Assistant / Customer Services Assistant
  • Driver / Courier
  • Warehouse Operative
  • Supply Chain Operative


  • Established Warehouse Operative
  • Established Driver
  • Sales and Marketing Adviser


  • Supply Chain Planner / Demand Planner
  • Load Planner
  • Senior / Lead Driver
  • Senior Warehouse Operative
  • Driver Trainer / Driver Assessor

This is a list of management roles available to explore in the Stairway.


  • Admin Supervisor
  • Sales Team Leader / Business Development Team Leader
  • Transport Supervisor / Team Leader
  • Supply Chain Team Leader
  • Warehouse Supervisor / Team Leader
  • Import Clerk
  • Export Clerk


  • Manager of Multiple Teams
  • Manager of Small Facility / Contract / Depot
  • Operations Manager
  • International Trade Manager
  • Logistics Manager
  • Lean Process Development
  • Sales / Business Development Manager


  • General Manager / Head of Operations
  • Manager of Medium / Large Facility / Multiple Teams / No. of Sites / No. of Contracts
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Warehouse Manager

This is a list of senior roles available to explore in the Stairway.


  • Head of Supply Chain / Supply Chain Director
  • Logistics Director
  • Director of Operations
  • Director of Warehouse Operations
  • Strategic Director
  • International Director of Operations
  • Sales and Marketing Director / Director of Business Development


  • Global Logistics Director