What is your End-Point Assessment?

Instead of being assessed continually throughout your course, you have to complete an End-Point Assessment to complete your qualification. The EPA is designed to test whether you have gained the skills, knowledge and behaviours outlined in the standard. You are graded according to their performance.


You’ll be taken on by an employer after which you’ll complete on and off the job training that meets your apprenticeship requirements. Simultaneously you’ll prepare for your End-Point Assessment.


The ‘gateway’ is the point at which you, your employer and your training provider agree you have met all the requirements of your apprenticeship standard including of the core knowledge, core skills and behaviours. Skills for Logistics will check this before performing of the EPA.


The specifics of what the EPA will consist of are included in the standard but are also available through our interactive videos on the Skills Group Portal, where you will also take your written assessment. They will usually consist of knowledge and behaviours test and workplace observation. Skills for Logistics role is to ensure that the assessment is completely independent of the training delivery and is of a consistent quality wherever and whenever the EPA is undertaken.

After the EPA

Once you have successfully completed both parts of the EPA, Skills for Logistics will inform your Employer and Training Provider of your results. Skills for Logistics will then apply for the certificate via the Education Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) who will issue you with a certificate. We believe you should fully understand the End-Point Assessment process and delivery methods before the day of your assessment. You’ll find content on the Skills Group Portal that will not only provide you with mock assessments but also some guidance on what to expect on the day.