Professional Stairway

Skills for Logistics is developing a revised Professional Stairway to assist career planning in the logistics sector. Combining contemporary research into wage rates, with industry profiled opportunities, allows us to showcase the fantastic career progression available in this sector. However once the Stairway is finished, the real work begins. The logistics sector is the second largest employer in the U.K and yet is largely invisible to the public. This means most fall into it as a career, rather than pursue it. We need to promote the Stairway to young talent, students and complementary industries to address the Skills Gap and labour shortages. Using video, social media and other content campaigns we are aiming to engage untapped audiences with the prospect of a career in logistics.

If you believe you have information relevant to the Professional Stairway or want to contribute in other forms, please get in touch at

The new Professional Stairway will debut in 2017.