Digital Media and Training

The digital skills gap is a hidden danger within our sector. Digital skills allow an organisation to connect with a larger audience, to communicate effectively, and to control how they represent their brand. The lack of such skills in the logistics sector has contributed to the wider skills gap. This is because the logistics sector loses out to the other sectors who already have effective digital skills in place. As a result, logistics is a hidden career path, with poor or no public perception and the opportunities it offers are largely concealed.

What can be done?

We believe that improving digital skills training, of leveraging the apprenticeship levy effectively to nurture such skills and to draw attention to this issue will have a positive effect on the industry. Recruitment challenges, image issues and procurement costs could all be addressed using digital skills such as social media strategy, data analysis, multimedia content and digital tools. It is believed that by 2020 80% of all internet traffic will be video. How will our industry compete in that space? What dynamic content can we create to inspire the logistics workforce of tomorrow?

Skills for Logistics is working to find this out. By engaging key employers, organisations, the public sector in digital strategy, video creation and other approaches we aim to understand what content, and what analysis, resonates with our target demographics. We also hope to better understand regional challenges as a by-product.

Will we create content and test it, sharing the resulting analytics to showcase new approaches. We will also be running digital training days and afternoons, check our news section or subscribe to our newsletter to keep informed of dates and locations.

We offer a bespoke Media creation package to create content for your digital strategy. We also offer training by experts to develop in house strategy and skills within your existing team.

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Our next event will be held at the Aztec Hotel & Spa in Almondsbury at 4PM on the 12th January, please see the following link for details and to register to attend.