Skills gap

Solving the skills gap in the Logistics sector

In August unemployment figures in the UK reached a 42-year low (BBC News, 2017). On the surface this may seem like good news for the country’s economy, however, this has contributed to a severe skills shortage for some of the UK's most significant sectors. The logistics sector, in particular, is currently experiencing a severe shortfall with 62% of companies reporting issues recruiting drivers in 2017 (Quarterly Transport Activity Survey, 2017).
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Brexit and Logistics

Brexit and the Logistics sector

Of course, the Brexit settlement amount is likely to be the headline grabber and it’s also likely to be the thing that makes or breaks politicians’ careers. For example, it’s hard to imagine the next Prime Minister being the guy who agreed to a massive exit payment. But nor will the PM last long if we leave with a calamitous set of terms.
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Brief introduction to digital strategy for your logistics business

Social media is a way of life. Not only does it occupy our free time, it drives sales and recruitment too. 29% of job seekers use social media platforms as their primary tool when job searching (#smlondon, 2013). It is critical to have a well-planned digital strategy in place to support your sales pipeline and recruitment processes.
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Why choose an apprenticeship programme in the Logistics sector?

When choosing an apprenticeship young people tend to overlook the merits of the transport and logistics industry. The sector itself is subject to little publicity compared to other sectors like retail. Here we list 4 reasons why logistics should not be ignored as a potential career, and that it in fact offers a range of incredible apprenticeships!
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The issues facing the Logistics sector, a female perspective

The logistics industry employs 1.7 million people in the UK, less than a quarter of whom are female. The industry, in particular the transport sector, is currently facing poor perceptions regarding career opportunities which has led to a significant skills gap.Given the pressures on skills and available staff, we speak with a professional who has been in the sector for more than 25 years on what she believes the main issues are within the sector.
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So, you want to enter the world of Logistics as a driver?

Well let’s take a look at your future role, and how you get behind the wheel. It takes a special kind of individual to want to be an HGV driver today, to become a ‘big wheeler’. The long hours, the traffic, and the different types of individuals you will come across when carrying out your duties as...
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